Sunday 5th October

8.00 am Holy Communion. (A quiet service with no hymns.)

9.30 am Harvest "Together" Worship (A lively service for all ages, with electric guitars, drums and exuberant worship.)

6.00 pm Evensong. (A quieter service with hymns, lasting about an hour.)

Monday 6th

9.30 am Morning Prayer

Tuesday 7th

9.30 am Morning Prayer

Wednesday 8th

9.30 am Morning Prayer

10.00 am Holy Communion (A quiet service with no hymns.)

1.00 pm Funeral of Sydney Holmes

Thursday 9th

9.30 am Morning Prayer

7.30 pm Deanery Synod meeting

Friday 10th

7.00 pm Office Hour. (For information/bookings for Weddings, Baptisms/Christening, etc.)

Saturday 11th

6.00pm Harvest Supper

Sunday 12th

8.00 am Holy Communion (A quiet service with no hymns.) 9.30 am Sung Communion. (The main service of the day, with hymns, separate activities available for children, and tea/coffee afterwards (All welcome!)

6.00 pm Service of the Word.

We will be celebrating a special Evensong, sung by the Choir of Lichfield Cathedral, at St. Lawrence’s on Friday 18th October, 7pm. It should be a memorable occasion; all welcome!

Last call for any Confirmation candidates for later this year! If you are interested, please speak to Rev. Andrew. The short preparation course will be taking place from 15th October.


Please keep in your prayers the Wednesbury Deanery Synod, who are meeting at St. Lawrence’s later this week.