Old Church School

At St Lawrence Church we try to do all we can to support Old Church School and value the relationship we have.   

Each year Walsall Council allocates school places for church members.   Currently on an intake of 45 there are 11 church places.  To qualify for a place Walsall Council state that the parents of the child should be regular worshippers at a Christian Church, attending at least once a month and having done so for at least one year before the admission of the child.

If you would like to have a church place for your child then please ensure that you start to attend a Christian Church in plenty of time – and it is also important that you become known to the minister so they recognise you and are not embarrassed when you ask for a letter.     If you already attend a church, then there should not be a problem.

You would be made very welcome at St Lawrence’s.  We have a variety of services, which you can see if you click here.   Children are especially welcome at the 9.30am service during which we have activities for school-aged children and a small area for you to sit with younger ones, where they can play with toys.