When we lose someone who is precious to us we may find ourselves with many mixed emotions, sad, confused, fearful, uncertain about your own life, maybe feeling angry towards God, unable to cope with the simple things, perhaps wondering if it’s just a bad dream. It’s at times like these that we need help. St Lawrence’s is here and can offer comfort and a listening ear.

The Funeral Service:  If you want a service to take place at St Lawrence’s or for the vicar, to take the service perhaps at the crematorium you will need to let the funeral director know this.  Usually they will then contact us and arrange a date and time for the service.

The funeral service can include hymns, music, a poem chosen by the family. 

The vicar always meets with a family before the service to plan the music and to put together some memories to share. 

Memorial Services:  At St Lawrence’s we have a service once a quarter to remember those who have recently died.  Anyone can come along and light a candle.